• AWS/Azure/GCP
  • Linux Administration (Ubuntu/RHEL/Amazon Linux)
  • Docker, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes
  • Chef and Ansible
  • MySQL, MSSQL, DynamoDB, etc
  • Python, Javascript, & Bash
  • Network administration (DHCP, DNS, QoS, VPCs)
  • Windows server administration (2003, 2008, 2012, 2016)
  • Virtualization (KVM, VMware, Hyper V)
  • Computer hardware setup/troubleshooting
  • VOIP systems (Asterisk, FreePBX)
  • Atlassian tools, Scrum, Agile methodology.



Senior Site Reliability Engineer Feb 2017 - Current

  • Successfully migrated all on-prem infrastucture to AWS using a new CI/CD pipeline on time.
  • Responsible for building & architecting a big data warehouse in Azure.
  • Built various infrastruce using Terraform and configuring the software using Chef cookbooks.
  • Manage ECS environment that uses ASG, LB, for a true HA setup.
  • Help CloudOps team get ready for migration from ESXI to AWS.
  • Patch 1000s of Linux systems using Red Hat’s Satellite on a monthly basis, as well as patch ESXI hosts.
  • Remideate various software exploits using a custom in-house vulnabilaty remediation software.

Newtek Technologies

Systems Administrator March 2016 - Feb 2017

  • Work with customers to setup and maintain their Windows or Linux enviornments, as well as Sophos UTM/XG and Sonicwalls.
  • Deploy Windows and Linux Shared environments, such as installing and configurging Cpanel, CSF/iptables, Apache, Ansible, IIS, SmarterMail, MySQL/MSSQL.
  • Maintain Windows and Linux Shared environments, for example: keep mail spool low on Exim and SmarterMail, remove compromised accounts/files from mail, and/or cpanel accounts, as well as fix various software issues.

Hyperion Works

Linux Specialist September 2013 - March 2016

  • Responsible for multiple Ubuntu/Debian domain controllers (Samba 34) and file servers (CIFS, NFS, SSHFS) with MDADM RAID arrays and LVM.
  • Deploy and maintain networks (DHCP, DNS, QoS, OpenWRT, OpenVPN, etc).
  • Provide on-site support, remote (VNC, RDP) support, and maintenance (software updates and security patches).
  • Responsible for off-site and on-site backups using Rsnapshot and Acronis.
  • Configure and maintain VOIP systems (FreePBX, Asterisk), as well as the soft/hard phones.

Ubuntu Arizona LOCO

Volunteer December 2007 - Current

Installation of Ubuntu Linux on various machines, as well as troubleshooting any problems with the new install. Troubleshooting of numerous customer’s personal Linux systems. Also helped with coordinating Installfests.


Heat Sync Labs

May 2012 - Current

  • Focus on PHP, Python, SQL
  • Rasberry Pi Projects