Restore From Snapshot on a Raspberry Pi 4

I recently setup (home assistant OS) on a new RPI 4 that I bought. I originally set it up with a 16G SD card, but later upgraded to a 64G SD card for more space. Searching online I couldn’t find a very good guide on how to restore from a snapshot. Here is a brief way it can be done using the ssh plugin:

  1. Install the ssh plugin.
  2. Add your public ssh key to the ssh plugin config and start the plugin.
  3. Copy your snapshot to /backups. I used scp: scp ~/Downloads/Hass_io_20191215.tar root@
  4. SSH into the RPI and run hassio sn reload so hassio loads the new snapshot from the filesystem.
  5. Now that the snapshot is loaded you can restore via the GUI, or run hassio sn restore -slug Your_Snapshot_Slug_Name [-password Your_Snapshot_Password]

Hopefully that helps someone in the future, who wants a quick and dirty guide on how to restore hassio from a snapshot.