Bitcoin Heater Financial Viability part 2 (DIY)

In my previous post about how financially viable is a Bitcoin ASIC miner as a space heater I talked about buying the s9 miner bundle from [Crypto Cloaks](]. Their setup is good if you aren’t ready to diy but lets take a look at the financials behind diy.


  • Bitmain/Antminer S9: I’ve seen these on ebay for around $120.
  • 2 140mm Noctua fans: $60
  • 1 60mm Noctua fan: $15
  • (optional) 3d print the Crypto Cloaks case at a local library or hackerspace.
  • Total: $195

Updated Comparison

So we are looking at a total of $195 instead of $360. That would bring our ROI down to about 5 months, not bad.

There are a few things that you have to keep in mind:

  • This assumes you are comfortable soldering the correct connector on the 60mm fan, if not you can buy an adapter.
  • This assumes you can plug the miner into ethernet, otherwise you will have to buy a wifi adapter for it.

Further Thoughts:

  • By running a Bitcoin mining node you are helping to secure the Bitcoin network.
  • Running a Bitcoin mining node is a good way to get KYC sats.
  • What is the opportunity costs of putting ~ $165 into a ASIC miner rather than inviting it?
  • As ASIC miners decrease in cost, and Bitcoin increases in cost it will make even more financial sense to use an ASIC miner instead of a space heater.