k3s on GCP's always free tier

k3s I’ve been working with Kubernetes a lot at work and it’s very interesting. Recently I heard of k3s by the people over at Rancher. It’s introduced as a “lightweight kubernetes”, the binary is less than 40MB, and only 512MB of ram to run. I’ve been wanting to test them out but my last Raspberry Pi 3 just died a few weeks ago. That’s where GCP comes in. GCP always free tier Google Cloud platform offers an always free tier and is one of the few cloud providers that offers compute (or VM) for free. [Read More]
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I Am Mother

Androids, AI, Robots

We Don’t Trust Robots I just got done watching the new netflix movie I Am Mother. While was watching it I noticed my SO frequently saying that she did not trust the “mother” robot. Sure the movie was setup a bit to make you think something fishy was going on, but it made me think: In general people don’t trust robots. Maybe it’s the Uncanny Valley or maybe it’s all the media we’ve been consuming for decades that tell us not to trust robots? [Read More]