Jenkins Docker Image with JCasC Part 2

Previously I wrote about a docker image that had Jenkins and the JCasC plugin. This post is about an update to that code with a few enhancements, such as: A job that runs daily that will apply the JCasC config, thus prevently drift. jenkins.yaml is split up into multiple yaml file and the entire dir is loaded. You can view the code on gitlab. Dockerfile The changes we made to the Dockerfile are simple using the CASC_JENKINS_CONFIG environment variable to set a dir, and then copy all the yaml files in casc_configs to that directory. [Read More]

Jenkins Docker Image with JCasC

So I’m at Jenkins/Devops World this week and had some free time to mess with a tool I’ve been meaning to look into for some time: JCasC. This tool allows you to manage the Jenkins config via 1 or many yaml files. I’m used to using Jenkins master in a docker container and wanted to setup a docker image that has Jenkins setup with a default JCasC yaml so you can get started with Jenkins all setup to manage via code. [Read More]

Setup site with Gitlab Hugo and Netlify

This site This site is setup using hugo and being stored at Gitlab, and then hosted using netlify. The guide I used is here, it’s an interesting read. Advantages Infrastructure The cool thing about this setup is there is no infrastructure that you have to manage. Before this iteration of my site I had it hosted on a VM at GCP and used grav. Thanks to the always-free tier of GCP I didn’t pay anything, but I still had to manage the VM. [Read More]
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