OS Options For My Docker Setup on Raspberry PIs

As you know from previous posts, I setup hass.io on a new RPI 4 recently. Well that’s been working great for months, more than 6 months actually. However a few days ago the system stopped booting correctly, and I don’t have a micro HDMI cable to check the console, bummer. This lead me down a path that I’ve had floating around in my mind for a while. I want to move my Hass. [Read More]

Restore Hass.io From Snapshot on a Raspberry Pi 4

I recently setup hass.io (home assistant OS) on a new RPI 4 that I bought. I originally set it up with a 16G SD card, but later upgraded to a 64G SD card for more space. Searching online I couldn’t find a very good guide on how to restore from a hass.io snapshot. Here is a brief way it can be done using the ssh plugin: Install the ssh plugin. [Read More]

Using Raspberry Pi Zero W in Gadget Mode On a Linux Laptop

Raspberry Pi “Gadget” mode In my previous post I went over how to get tasmota on a BN Link BNC 60 smart outlet using a Raspberry Pi. When I started down that journey I tried to use Gadget mode on the RPI so I did not have to use a keyboard/monitor but I had issues. Turns out my issue was actually just that the USB cable I was using was a data only cable, so into the trash that cable went. [Read More]