Hello, I’m Chris Wiggins, I’m a site reliability engineer (SRE)/devops engineer/platform engineer/infrastructure engineer/WhateverNewTermIsCool engineer.

I work in the tech industry to help improve the lives of developers, end-users, and whomever wants to improvement their technology.

Facts (and some opinions)

  • Vim is my editor of choice, even as a full blown IDE.
  • Open-source runs the world and is awesome, everyone’s life would be much worse without it.
  • Linux > Windows (except maybe Active Directory).


  • Kubernetes
  • Public “clouds” (AWS, GCP, OCI, Azure)
  • Linux (awk, grep, sed, tmux, bash, etc.)
  • Programming Languages
    • Python
    • Groovy
    • Golang
  • CI/CD Systems
    • Jenkins
    • Gitlab CI
    • Github Actions
    • Circleci
    • Drone CI
  • Many other things I forgot to list or have learned since I updated this page.


  • Technology
  • Bicycling
  • Outdoors
  • Philosophy


  • Email: me at cwiggs.com

Setup site with Gitlab Hugo and Netlify

This site This site is setup using hugo and being stored at Gitlab, and then hosted using netlify. The guide I used is here, it’s an interesting read. Advantages Infrastructure The cool thing about this setup is there is no infrastructure that you have to manage. Before this iteration of my site I had it hosted on a VM at GCP and used grav. Thanks to the always-free tier of GCP I didn’t pay anything, but I still had to manage the VM. [Read More]
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