Bitcoin Heater Financial Viability part 2 (DIY)

In my previous post about how financially viable is a Bitcoin ASIC miner as a space heater I talked about buying the s9 miner bundle from [Crypto Cloaks](]. Their setup is good if you aren’t ready to diy but lets take a look at the financials behind diy. Parts Bitmain/Antminer S9: I’ve seen these on ebay for around $120. 2 140mm Noctua fans: $60 1 60mm Noctua fan: $15 (optional) 3d print the Crypto Cloaks case at a local library or hackerspace. [Read More]

Bitcoin Heater Financial Viability

Recently I was moved to a place that has cooler temperatures and heard about using an old ASIC miner to heat. This post explains the financial viability of using an old ASIC miner as a space heater. Bitmain/Antminer S9 ASIC Crypto Cloaks has a really good guide and bundle to get started with using an S9 as a space heater. Lets look at the financial viability if you were to buy their bundle compared to a space heater from a local store. [Read More]